Class of 2019

Class of 2019

President- Liam Dixon
Vice President- Brittany LaBarge
Secretary- Emily Peryea
Treasurer- Grace Thume

Mission Statement:

To provide class members with an enjoyable and successful high school experience.

All students are automatically a member of their class. However, if a member of the class is failing two or more classes, they are still a member of the class, but will not be participate in class activities. If they are failing two or more classes during their senior year they will not be eligible for senior privileges until they are passing. If an officer becomes academically ineligible they will be given five weeks to improve their standing or they will be removed from office, and a reelection will take place.

Member Duties:
All members will actively participate in any or all fundraising for the purpose of raising money for any expenses accrued by the class. Active participation will be rewarded with incentives voted on by the class.

Ballots will be used for voting on everything. For officer elections, class advisors will count the ballots in front of at least two class officers from another class.
In case of a tie, there will be a revote.
If a student is not in attendance, they will not be able to vote.
Voting will not count unless there is one more than half of the class cast votes.

Officer Duties:
President: To run the meetings, oversee voting, and make sure all bylaws are upheld.
Vice President: To take the president’s place if they are absent from a meeting as well as assist the president during the meeting.
Treasurer: To manage the class funds and fundraisers, and report the status of class funds to date at all meetings.
Secretary: To write notes at each meeting. Record information and keep track of the minutes from each meeting and the class binder.

Calendar Events:
All calendar events will be voted on by the class dependent upon availability of the time frame.

Class Goals:
To raise funds for:
Annual yearbook dues
Caps and gowns for Graduation
Senior breakfast
Senior Trip
**Funds will determine what goals will be met in order of importance**