Club Activity Educational Materials and Documents

Educational Materials

Activity Funds Pamphlet

Extra-curricular Procedures

NYS Sales Tax Guide and Bulletin

Guide to Calculating Sales Tax

Step-By-Step Guide for a Dance

Dance Scenario (Example)

Step-By-Step Guide for Selling Merchandise

Healthy Snack Scenario (Example)

Check for Understanding - Treasurer


Club Meeting Minutes Template (or) Meeting Minutes Interactive Template

Activity Ledger - Google Sheets Version 
(OR) obtain a paper version from Mrs. Lord in the office.  *Note - Activity Ledger is also called Receipt and Disbursement Ledger.

Suggestion: Click on "Activity Ledger" link above to view Activity Ledger in Google Sheets. Go to "File" and then "Make a Copy".  Use the "Share" feature in Google Sheets to allow for access and collaboration between Treasurer and Advisor.

Fundraising Activity Request Form

Statement of Profit and Loss

Inventory Control Form

Activity Treasurer's Receipt

Fundraising Deposit Detail

Deposit Slip

Disbursement Form