Principal's Message


Hello Bobcats!

The great thing about a new school year is that it’s a new start and a great time to develop successful habits. First of all, use the free agenda NAC gives each student to stay organized, write down assignments daily and keep up with them. Don’t procrastinate, good grades don’t just happen they require work every day. Schedule a time every day to do homework without interruptions. Sleep and nutrition matter, get a good night sleep and eat good meals (not snacks). NAC provides free breakfast and lunch for all of our students, take advantage of this.  

Attendance matters, you have to be in school to get good grades. Ask questions in class, don’t leave class if you don’t “get it”, talk with teachers and get help early. Finally, study, don’t cram, research shows that cramming does not work but studying for a short while every day does.

Make a plan to be successful and reach your goals.

I look forward to a new and successful school year!


Mr. Loughman

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