Enrolling New Students

To enroll new students in NAC Middle School or High School, parents/guardians need to bring the following documents with them to the main office:
     - Child's birth certificate
     - Proof of residency - 3 types (see below)
     - Immunization records
     - Court or Guardianship papers if any
     - Enrollment forms (Click here for enrollment forms.)

The following types of residency documents may be presented for verification:
•A statement from the local post office that you are receiving mail at a physical address in the district
•A deed or other proof of real property ownership
•A lease or rental agreement
•A utility bill in the parent/guardian’s name which shows an address within the district
•The address on the parent/guardian’s driver’s license
•A record of the parent/guardian’s voter registration
•A recent income tax return showing the parent/guardian’s name and address within the district
•A current paycheck stub showing the parent/guardian name and address within the district
•Documentation illustrating the parent/guardian is receiving public assistance benefits at an address within the district