The communities of Altona, Lyon Mountain and Ellenburg all have locations that community members can go to, sit in their cars, and have access to open WiFi at no charge and with no password required.

Ellenburg:  Sarah A. Munsil Free Library

Altona:  Fire Station, where Primelink has upgraded the public connection free of charge

Lyon Mountain:  American Legion, where SLIC Network Solutions has set up an open WiFi site

Because of COVID-19 yearbooks are running a bit late. They should be arriving within the next week or two. As soon as they are received we will send out a message about delivery. In the meantime please check out the link below. It is a digital signing option. It's for everyone whether you purchased a yearbook or not. Simply click on the link below, click "get started" set up your account and share it with whoever you'd like to sign your yearbook. You can customize the pages, print them out when they are done and add them to your yearbook.

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